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#1 Oct. 25, 2005 16:53:06

Kevin S.
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[Mspgcc-users] msp2 family

Does anyone happen to know what to set the mmcu option to for a MSP430F21x1?
Options that seem to be the most likely candidates to me are msp430x1121 or
msp2, but I'm basically just guessing.

The version of msp430-gdbproxy that I got about a week ago fromhttp://www.soft-switch.org/downloadsrecognizes the device as:

msp430: Target device is a 'MSP430F21x1' (type 46)

but when I run `msp430-gcc --target-help `, I don't see any options for the
msp2 family (other than "msp2"). Any ideas?



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