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#1 Dec. 7, 2005 13:18:33

Thies C.
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[PHP-DEV] PDO:PGSQL problem with double prepared statements. (solution included)


i had a slight problem withFatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE: Duplicate prepared statement: 7 ERROR: prepared statement"pdo_pgsql_stmt_086eebf4" already exists' in /home/thies/public_html/portal-HEAD/include/pw.db/table.php:670some investigation showed that my prepared statement failed executingbut not "preparing" (some expected unique constraint problem) - so mycode would assign a diffferent value to the bound variables and tryagain (this time i would get the noted message).the code as it is now in pgsql_statement.c says (line 129 -)

if (!stmt->executed) {
/* we deferred the prepare until now, because we didn't
* know anything about the parameter types; now we do */
S->result = PQprepare(H->server, S->stmt_name, S->query,stmt->bound_params ? zend_hash_num_elements(stmt->bound_params) : 0,S->param_types);but stmt->executed only seems to get set to when the execution wassuccessful.my workaround is to add a new var to pdo_pgsql_stmt calledis_prepared and use that as my protection against multiple prepares.re, thies--
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