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#1 Dec. 3, 2005 17:42:05

Ben T.
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[PHP-DEV] SAPI Module Development.

Hi!I'm starting work on a SAPI implementation for the TinyMUX server(http://www.tinymux.org). Basically, it's like a MUD server -- atelnet-based, textual roleplaying game.TinyMUX has a built-in programming language usually referred to as"MUXcode" or "softcode." Unfortunately, it's extremely limited. I'd like tocreate an internal server function called php() that allows you to pass MUXvariables to PHP scripts, and receive a textual response from PHP. It seemsthat the simplest way to do this would be to directly integrate PHP intoTinyMUX via a SAPI module.However, I can't find any documentation on SAPI, and most of the existingSAPI modules are largely undocumented. Is there anybody who'd be willing tochat with me off-list about my implementation? Or could anyone point me toan API manual for SAPI modules in PHP?Thanks!


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