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#1 Dec. 2, 2005 22:28:34

Mike R.
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[PHP-DEV] kudos

Once again, I would like to extend my sincere, profound gratitude to the PHP
Development Team for the continued effort in making and keeping PHP the
extraordinary tool that it is.

The amount of work that has gone into the release of PHP-5.x is enormous.
changelog for the latest versions could occupy a chapter in anyone's next
book. It probably should, as a testament to the dedication of several
individuals, and of course the 'countless others' whose hard work and
often go unrecognized.

PHP continues to be not only an outstanding product, it also happens to be
one tool in my kit that has singlehandedly provided me with the opportunity
earn a very serious living. When asked how I use PHP, I have a simple

I use it to feed my family.

For that, I thank each and every one of you, and you know who you are.


Mike Robinson
Torstar Media Group Television

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