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#1 Nov. 30, 2005 13:50:48

Martin M.
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[PHP-DEV] mysql tests


I've created some tests for mysql. Unfortunately I have'nt noticed there
already are some tests in php5 (i was developing these for php4).
However I think they can be merged as they are designed slightly different
and thus covering more code. I have attached the tests as bz2 file.

Mysql tests that are already included in php5 do not conform to naming
conventions listed in README.TESTING in php4. In php5 there are no such
conventions mentioned in readme. Does this mean these conventions are
obsolete in php5?

Also I have problem with one test in php5 which is working fine in php4.
mysql001.phpt is failing because mysql_stat is not returning null in case the
connection was mysql_close-ed before. Do you think this is a bug or is it
designed behaviour and my testcase is invalid? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Martin Mrazik, QA Developer
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