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#1 Nov. 30, 2005 07:56:15

Bob S.
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[PHP-DEV] Desired namespace behavoir

Looking for some feedback on what the expected behavior should be for class
and/or constant ambiguity within namespaces. For instance:


namespace A {

const FOO = 123;

class Bar { . }

class FooBaz { . }


namespace B {

const FOO = 456;

class Bar { . }

class FooBar { . }


class Bar { . }

define('FOO', 789);


import namespace A;

import namespace B;

$c = new Bar(FOO); // ambiguous classname/constant

Compile-time error on namespace B import? Or runtime error on ambiguous
class creation?

Jessie, how does your patch handle it?

Looking at the modules patch, it appears to be a compile time error when the
second class is defined since it is based on zend_class_entry and

Also, neither patch has scoped imports, they are global. Is this the
"preferred" method? Maybe it's the only method, not sure yet, still
scratching the surface here.



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