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#1 Nov. 26, 2005 12:25:35

Lester C.
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[PHP-DEV] core Date class

It strikes me that there are two sides hereOne are insistant that Date will happen in a version of PHP5 whileothers seem to think that it was agreed that this would be part of PHP6.Currently if ISP were to roll 5.1 out without warning to users probablymore sites than were affected by the 'reference' bug fix would bebroken. We have seen that PHP4.4 was just seen as a bug fix to 4.3 andso 5.1 will be treated the same way - by ISP's - and then we have weeksof getting what were stable sites working again.*IF* Date is to stay in 5.1, then can we please change it's name so thatit is not a source of 'unnecessary' site failures. I don't see that itACTUALLY needs to be in at all while it's still being developed, and itcould just as easilly be included as a PECL module ? and then rolledinto PHP6 or tested with PHP5 as *USERS* want to do?The real problem is how to get round the fact that 'namespaceconventions' were not documented when PHP5 was released? I've used :: inC code for many years, I don't see why there has to be such a heateddebate over adding namespace now?--
Lester Caine
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