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#1 Nov. 18, 2005 16:09:41

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[PHP-DEV] Re: dropping curly braces


Is there really a good reason to drop {} string access? Does it make
the engine better? Are you going to use {} for something else? If not,
then wouldn't it make logical sense to do what was documented and drop
the syntax? Sure, I've read the argument that is used in other
languages but as we all know, PHP != (insert language) so that is not
really valid. I've read the argument that "makes more sense" but
obviously it has long ago been decided and documented otherwise. I've
read that dropping will break apps -- but that is equally true for
{}. There seems to be no reason for this other than whim and that
leaves a sour taste.

Yes, we will update our codebases (thanks for the extra and pointless
work, btw) but not to for string access but rather substr() which I
hope is safer long-term. Future proofing is getting much harder because
now we can't even rely on documented behaviours and existing
deprecation notices. Some people will say, "Oh, it is safe to use so
don't worry" but it seems that these same people said that about {}. If
this makes PHP better in some way I could see the need but as it is, it
seems like a pity to me.


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