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#1 Nov. 10, 2005 03:40:44

Bob S.
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[PHP-DEV] Good memory management


Got a question on proper memory management within the engine.

I have an object that stores an Array (IS_ARRAY) as a property. Inside this
property array are other objects.

So heres my memory layout for an initialized object:


Property => Array (refcount = 1)

Array = Object (refcount=1 if created inside Object constructor)

Array = Object (refcount= >1 if passed into Object from userland)

I have a set handler so that I can set the internal array value with an

$Object = array(1, 'string');

Results in:


Property => Array (refcount = 1)

Array = Object (represents an the integer 0 in this case)

Array = Object (represents the string "string")

My question is, inside my set handler, I simply call zend_update_property,
during which refcount on the old Array property gets decremented to 0 and
has zval_dtor called on it.

Now the objects that were inside that array are dangling.

So here is the question.

Do I just rely on the engine itself to destroy the dangling objects in the
first array at the end of the script (which works),

or do I destruct the objects myself before replacing the property (Array)
with the new one?

Depending on the answer, what is the process to destruct an object? Just
ZVAL_DEL_REF it and let the engine GC do the rest?


Bob Silva


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