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#1 Nov. 1, 2005 13:25:45

Wez F.
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[PHP-DEV] Releasing PDO 1.0RC2 today; QA assistance wanted

Hey all,

I'm going to release the next round of PDO packages today.
Since there are so many combinations of PDO driver and OS, and because
I'm really low on spare time to run the tests myself, I'd really
appreciate it if you guys could run through the following steps on
your systems as a last minute sanity check:

- Checkout the tip of PHP_5_1 for ext/pdo, ext/pdo_mysql, ext/pdo_sqlite etc.

Using either PHP 5.0.x or PHP 5.1.x (preferably both if you have them both):

$ cd pdo
$ /prefix/bin/pear package
$ /prefix/bin/pear install PDO-1.0RC2.tgz
$ vi /prefix/lib/php.ini

$ cd pdo_XXX
$ /prefix/bin/pear package
$ /prefix/bin/pear install PDO_XXX-1.0RC2.tgz
$ vi /prefix/lib/php.ini

Assuming that the install proceeds flawlessly, run a couple of test
scripts to verify that it actually runs on your boxen.

If no problems are reported, I'll be pushing the releases after I've
finished work today, around 6pm EST.


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