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#1 Oct. 28, 2005 06:10:29

Bob S.
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[PHP-DEV] Question on arrays as properties


Am I correct in saying that a class property cannot be initialized to an
array? Looking at zend_declare_property

it clearly states that Internal zvals cant be arrays.

So how would I go about creating the following inherited property in all my
subclasses if my core class has this property?

class ZObject {

protected $_props = array();



class ZString {

public function __construct()


$this->setProperty($name, $value)


public function setProperty($name, $value)





In other words, how would I create a property that is an array (in C) where
that property is available to all my subclasses WITHOUT

initializing it manually in the __construct, which would force each subclass
constructor to call its parent (while good design, I'd prefer

not to have this constraint).


Bob Silva


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