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#1 Nov. 12, 2005 14:04:45

Uwe F.
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[avr-gcc-list] AVR wiki updated


I added some avr pages to the wiki:http://www.kieltech.de/uweswiki/AVR_2dGCC(main page)

Compiling AVR GCC on linux (with patches for new devices and avr-libc-1.2.6)http://www.kieltech.de/uweswiki/Compiling_5fAVR_2dGCCPatching avr-gcc:http://www.kieltech.de/uweswiki/Patching_5fAVR_5fGCCProgramming tools:http://www.kieltech.de/uweswiki/AVR_5fProgrammingToolsI still didn't succeed in patching avr-libc for new devices because of
the autoconf problems (I need some more time for further investigation).


Uwe Fechner

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