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#1 Nov. 4, 2005 01:08:11

Vincent T.
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[avr-gcc-list] Compiling gcc-avr : how to enable dwarf-2 option ?

Hi all,

So far I have used the binaries of gcc-avr 3.4.3, that my distro
(Ubuntu) supplies, and it seems it doesn't support the -gdwarf-2 flag.
So I defaulted to just -g as suggest by Joerg back then, but now for the
first time, I really need to use the disassembler listing with all the C
statements in it, to help me optimise a particular function that takes
way to long to execute, but the file somehow looks weird, and is pretty
much unusable, highly inconvenient at best.

I put it therehttp://www.007.org.uk/~vtrouilliez/temp/it's the one
called "object.list".

So I am hoping that recompiling gcc with the gdwarf-2 option, might
produce different, hopefully better, debug info.
As I understand it, avr-objdump is responsible for generating this file,
but I will start with this gcc flag first, as I don't have any better
idea so far :-/

Thanks for any suggestions, as I am rather clueless, yet in desperate
need for a good/usable list file :-/



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