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#1 Oct. 28, 2005 06:13:37

ken o.
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[avr-gcc-list] HID keyboard that sends 'p'?

Hello, I'm sorry if this is the incorrect place to ask.  But I have a question aboutAT43DK355.  I am writing a 'hello world' test program to learn how to operate theAT43USB355E.  Basically, I used the USB Wizard to create an HID keyboard,and all I want the keyboard to do is send 'p' continuously. I have been looking for some sort of command to put the 'p' in the IN buffer of endpoint1,and based upon page 4-4 of the manual, I wrote App_ProcessEP1 in ausbendp.c as follows: void App_ProcessEP1(void)  // Interrupt IN Endpoint{ *FDR1 = 'p'; *FCAR1 = TX_PACKET_READY | TX_COMPLETE_ACK;} Nothing happens after I compile and write to SEEPROM...   I also put these twolines in the for(; ;) loop in appmain.c, and nothing happened either.    Can someonepoint me to the proper routines to use? Thank you.KenYahoo! FareChase - Search multiple travel sites in one click._______________________________________________
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