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#1 Dec. 27, 2010 13:07:12

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Visual C++ 2010 Express: zlib1/intl


I'm trying to compile Grisbi (http://sourceforge.net/projects/grisbi/develop)
on Windows using Visual C++ 2010 Express and

Is gtk+-bundle compatible with Visual C++ 2010 Express?

When linking I get the following warning :

4> zdll.lib (d000023.o) loaded

4> zdll.lib (d000023.o): warning LNK4078: multiple sections. 'text' found
with different attributes (E0300020)

4> module 'zdll.lib (d000023.o)' unsafe for the image SAFESEH.

4> __imp__gzwrite found

I've recompiled zlib1 (using CMake and Visual C++ 2010 Express) but I still
get the warning.

Does anyone know how to solve this warning?

When running Grisbi, I get the following error:

Intl and zlib1 dll are loaded. But Inlt symbols seem not to match zlib1

Faulty symbols are:

- libintl_bind_textdomain_codeset

- libintl_bindtextdomain

- libintl_gettext

- libintl_printf

- libintl_setlocale

- libintl_textdomain

- libintl_vsnprintf

Recompling Intl (gettext) with VC++ seems not to be straightforward!

Again, does anyone you know how to solve this error?


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