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#1 June 22, 2010 08:08:03

Liu, R.
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New On-screen keyboard developer needed

>- configurable keyboard layout
>- ability to switch among several layouts (using one of keyboard's key and
>also using kind
>of API)
>- precise size of keys and space calculation (pixel resolution)
>- key labels as a text and pixmap (for backspace, layout switch etc.) as well
>- configurable font for key labels (for each key - so maybe pixmaps are not
>really needed
>for labels)
>- dual labeled keys (default and with shift modifier) - "nice to have" feature
>- simple configurable look (colors of keys during all various states, shadows,
>gradients etc.)
>- chinese/korean/japanese language and arabic (RTL) language support
>- integrated(?) IME (can't use ibus because of python)
>- the keyboard will be probably rendered using cairo thus I need some speed
>(offscreen pre-rendering etc.)
>Unfortunately it quite urgent (1-2 months).
>If you are interested drop me a private mail, please.
>Thanks a lot.

Hi Jaroslav

I have a project called FVKBD created for Moblin (now MeeGo) athttp://gitorious.org/fvkbdIt almost got every thing you need. Take a look at it ;)

Btw. you can found most of the configurable elements at layout/fvkbd.dtd

== Feature definition quote from our internal doc, not yet reorganized and put
on gitorious ==

The keyboard should be able to support different layout through configure files.

The layout configure files should be able to cover most of the keyboard
behaviors, including but not limited to: font, color, size, key position, key
function, key appearance etc.

More fancy UI setting might include: key press popup notification, usr defined
bg image for keyboard and key, custom shaped keyboard and key, transparency
setting etc.

The key should be able to be configured to support: send a key, send a text
string, invoke an external program and be able to be extend by calling scripts

The other features including: be able to be embedded with Input Method, support
multiple panel windows


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