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#1 March 19, 2008 15:13:55

Viczinger D.
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Invisible fonts (gtk2,dejavu-fonts)


I've the following problem with all gtk2 apps
(firefox,openoffice,adobereader) I've tried:http://wade.hu/~pdw/miafasz.pngLooks nice does it? :)

I am running Slackware-current, (with which has the following
(relevant) packages:


I think the problems is quite self-explanatory so I'll only list what I've
tried so far:

- fc-cache -r (and -f, which also runs during every bootup in slackware)
- reinstalling all these packages
- In fact, I've also reinstalled the whole OS.
- downgrading all these packages including xorg to 1.3
- dejavu added 4 scripts to /etc/fonts/conf.d/ which I've tried removing,
to no avail.

What's even more weird that this issue only occurs on my laptop, my
desktop running the same OS and 99% (that 1% is made of cups,
wpa_supplicant and such seemingly non-relevant programs) is working
perfectly fine.

I know this must be a local issue as neither google nor anyone on regular
slackware channels encountered this, but I'm quite desperate...

Can anyone point in some debugging directions?
Thanks in advance...
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