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#1 March 16, 2008 07:10:07

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RPM generation with gtk1

Hi ,

I have a requirement to compile wireshark in gtk-1.2.10. I have given
--disable gtk2 in the configure options and I am able to generate the
executable. Its working fine.

Now , I have a problem with building the rpm. My queries are :

1.Can I have both gtk 1 and 2 in the same system?? If yes, Does the rpm
take gtk2 by default??

2.I have taken the source code of gtk-1.2.10 and compiled it. Do I need
the rpm for the same.

If yes, where can get that??

3. Where do I have make the appropriate changes for the rpm to build
with gtk 1??

You response would be of great help.

Thanx again.

Best Regards,

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