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#1 March 12, 2008 11:13:40

Alex I.
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Expose glitch?


I've created a transparent window with GTK under GNOME.

The problem I have is that when I first show the window I see for a short
period of time an white opaque background inside my frame.

I've made my "top window" transparent painting it with Cairo inside the expose

I don't think this problem is Cairo related though because every GNOME window I
see seems to have a small delay when first loaded. The expose event seems not
to be triggered right away...

If I choose a "popup" window style for my window instead of "top level" this
problem doesn't appear, its painted right away. But the "popup" style
introduces a lot of undesired effects in my applications.

Can anybody help me please? This problem is really annoying especially for a
transparent window!

Best Regards,

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