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#1 Dec. 8, 2005 17:35:07

James B.
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Fwd: Re: lost files

--- Begin Message ---I tried that. After installing GTK, I tried launching the program, and
it came up with the same error message, that it could not find those
files. I looked for the files in the installed GTK program, and could
not locate them


>>> Xyber Blue <> 12/07/05 8:51 PM >>>
Those are the static libraries for gtk and glib. You can find these
files on
/usr/lib directory since linux distros bundled already these packages
that if you installed the gtk.

You can create these files by downloading the gtk source at www.gtk.org

On 12/8/05, James Borrone <> wrote:
> I am trying to determine how to find the following files, they are not
> presently on my machine and ws wondering if they are downloadable.
> libgdk.a
> libglib.a
> libgmodule.a
> libgtk.a
> I am not a programmer, and have very limited knowledge of the
> environment,, so basically if your mom wold not understand what you
> writing neither would I. I am just trying to get a program to work,
> it needs to find these files.
> Thanks
> James Borrone
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