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#1 Nov. 17, 2005 11:29:13

Paul D.
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Asking questions (Was: Re: GTK_BUTTON & GTK_Style)

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 02:09 -0800, ibrar ahmed wrote:
> hello all,
> i want to create my own widgets in using gtk. i have jus started this
> library for creating the GUI jus like window. so whats up for starting
> to do this?As before i did't work on gtk so its also new for me.

1) it is unhelpful and somewhat rude to start a new thread to a mailing
list by replying to someone else's question

2) if you have never worked with GTK before, why would you plan to start
out by creating your own widgets. do you even know what widgets are
available? creating widgets is not something you would commonly do.

3) GTK runs on windows as well as X Window-based systems like linux. you
don't need to start a new library "for creating GUIs like windows".

5) google is your friend. it is increasinly irritating how many
questions are asked on this list that can be answered 10-100 times
faster through the careful use of a good search engine.


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