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#1 Nov. 7, 2005 23:00:13

Andrew S.
Registered: 2009-11-02
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draging two windows

I have two top level windows and I want them to maintain the same
spatial relationship.

How can I (can I?) use the begin_drag_move() method to sync up the
movement of the two windows?

One top level window is a data member of the other (using gtkmm)
pane_ is the data member

This is what I tried as a first attempt.
. . .


The result is the x,y get set only once when the drag starts and you
drag the first window around and pane_ snaps to it when you start a
second drag.

Anyone do this before? Is there a signal or event I can use to move
pane_ in sync?


Andrew Shafer
Application Developer
Realm Systems Inc.

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