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#1 Oct. 29, 2005 15:03:27

Mattias G.
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gdk_draw_line Start/End point

Hi all,

I searched the gtk site, the internet and the archive, but I didn't found
any clue.

When drawing under linux/X with gdk_draw_line a line from 0,0 to 2,2, the
point at 2,2 is missing.
When drawing with gdk_draw_line a line from 2,2 to 0,4 the point at 2,2 is
still missing.

It seems gdk_draw_line always misses a point, but it depends on the
direction of the line, if it misses the start or the end point.
Is there a flag or another function, that draws the line including the start
point, but excluding the end point, independent of the line direction (e.g.
like the winapi 'lineto' function)?

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