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#1 Oct. 29, 2005 13:41:21

Dirkx, J.
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GTK equivalent to Qt Motif Extension

 I am evaluating GUI toolkits for my project and I am
wrapping up an evaluation of Qt (with which, I have to say, I was pretty
impressed).  Qt offers a module to allow for a gradual conversion of Motif
code while developing Qt Widgets.  Basically it allows for Motif and Qt
widgets to co-exist in the same application by handling the Motif and Xt events
in the extension module and passing on Qt events to the main Qt app loop.  Has anyone seen or accomplished anything like this for
GTK+?  Is there any way to manipulate the app loop to be able to handle
events for both?  I have searched a lot of message boards and websites and
the response that I have typically seen is something similar to: “Just
convert the whole thing, they’re not the same anyway.”  We’re
in the maintenance phase of a contract for a rather large Motif application and
it is just not feasible to convert the entire application at one time.  It
would be too large of an effort with too much risk and too large of a cost to
the customer with very little immediate benefit (i.e. too hard to sell the
customer on sponsoring a year-long crusade to retool the UI).  Ideally I
would like to be able to convert windows one-by-one as the need/opportunity
arises, eventually whittling the UI reengineering down into a more appealing
sell.  If anyone has any experience trying to do this, positive or
negative, I would definitely like to hear about it.  It would help greatly
in my evaluation either way. Thanks for your help. Jason Dirkx_______________________________________________
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