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Settings to Load CSS Files

I am running Django 1.2.4 mod_wsgi. My admin site loads with its look
and feel. I am trying to add css to my application, which works fine.
I have looked through the docs, and cannot get a sample css file to
load. I would appreciate some pointers to get this working.

Here are the appropriate lines from the base template.

<!-- Test Comment -->
<title>{% block title %}Town of Arlington Water Department AMR
System{% endblock %} </title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href='static_content/
PageStyle.css' />

Here are the appropriate lines from httpd.conf
DocumentRoot /usr/local/www/documents
AliasMatch ^/(*\.css) /usr/local/www/documents/static/$1

<Directory /usr/local/www/documents/static>
Order deny,allow
Allow from all

Here are the appropriate lines from settings.py
# Main URL for the project
BASE_URL = 'http://localhost:8002'

# Absolute path to the directory that holds media
MEDIA_ROOT = '/usr/local/www/documents'

# URL that handles the media served from MEDIA_ROOT
MEDIA_URL = '/static/'

# URL prefix for admin media -- CSS, JavaScript and images.

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