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Jeremy B.
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Subutai Corporation seeks Lead Server Programmer in San Francisco

Greetings all!

Subutai Corporation is looking for a Lead Server Programmer for its PULP
platform. PULP is an end-to-end system for the creation and publishing
of social-enabled content across a wide variety of connected platforms.
PULP supports collaborative professional and community authoring of a
wide variety of content types (prose, images, video, games, etc.), by
providing workflow, collaboration, canon & arc management, asset
management, and community feedback services. PULP also serves as a
multiplatform CMS and integrated commerce system, allowing for content,
commerce and community services to be automatically optimized to a wide
and increasing number of end-point devices, and for the user experience
to be seamlessly integrated across heterogeneous touch points. The first
implementation of PULP can be seen in Neal Stephenson's & Greg
Bear's /The Mongoliad/ athttp://www.mongoliad.com/.

The PULP Lead Server Programmer will be responsible for the evolution of
the PULP services codebase, and will work closely with the PULP product
manager and engineers to develop new capabilities and to refine existing
features. The successful candidate will be expert in:

* Getting things done, as a general skillset
* Practical software engineering, with a bonus for facility in
Python and Django
* Developing and launching web-based applications
* Agile development methodologies
* Wrangling third-party APIs
* Coding for and measuring/optimizing performance
* Communicating with non-engineers when useful
* Release management
* Design and use of relational databases

Our ideal candidate will have 5+ years of solid experience in software
engineering for large-scale consumer web applications, and will have
experience with web CMS and community systems. Affinity for a startup
environment and a passion for computer programming are essential. This
is a full-time position in San Francisco.

Subutai Corporation is an employee-owned company, founded by
best-selling author Neal Stephenson and a team of technology startup and
content industry veterans, and backed by some of the world's most
successful entrepreneurs. We are based in Seattle and San Francisco. We
offer competitive compensation and benefits, and the chance to help
build the future of publishing alongside some of industry's leading
visionaries and most accomplished technologists. Please send resumes and
brief cover notes to j...@subutai.mn <mailto:j...@subutai.mn>.

(This posting may also be found athttp://subutai.mn/jobs.html. Feel
free to forward to appropriate venues.)

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  • » Subutai Corporation seeks Lead Server Programmer in San Francisco [RSS Feed]

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