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#1 Jan. 20, 2011 18:35:19

Steven L.
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How to create multi-leveled forms with freeform entry options

One of our internal clients has asked for a form with the following
structure:http://ssecdn.net/marcomm_form.pdfAs you can see, there are a lot of checkboxes, and they (the client)
need to be able to add more via the admin.

I initially thought I'd store "Request Types" and "Requests" like

class MarcommRequestType(models.Model):
name = models.CharField(max_length=255)
order = models.IntegerField()
is_active = models.BooleanField(blank=True, default=True)

class MarcommRequest(models.Model):
request_type = models.ForeignKey('MarcommRequestType')
name = models.CharField(max_length=255)
is_active = models.BooleanField(blank=True, default=True)

...and then, store each instance of the form with a ManyToManyField on
MarcommRequest, like this:

class MarcommTicket(models.Model):
created = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True)
name = models.CharField(max_length=255)
department = models.CharField(max_length=255)
email = models.EmailField()
date_needed = models.DateTimeField()
requests = models.ManyToManyField('MarcommRequest')

That works perfectly, except for those questions that have "other" or
"date of event" or things of that sort. As far as I can tell, there's
no good way to have a third level of question to my form, if that
third level is any kind of text entry / non-relationship field.

I thought a possible solution might be to have a "sub question" model
that lets the admin users specify a label and field type, but then,
where do I save the *answers* to the sub-questions?

What's the most Djangonic / Pythonic way to do this type of thing? It
seems like the kind of problem someone might have faced before...

Steven L Smith
Web Developer, Nazareth College

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