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1) I have not had any problems or conflicts; just make sure you load
the .js libraries into whichever pages need them (using a "parent"
template is probably the most sensible way).

2) You can only use .js inside templates - it does not make sense to
use them elsewhere - templates deal with your application "interface"
and so the jQuery "UI". But within templates you should be able to
use any/all of its capabilities.

On Jan 15, 9:27 pm, km <srikrishnamo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been reading django forms with media.
> But I would like to use the latest jquery (1.4.4) + jquery-ui (1.8.7)
> with a django (v1.2.4) based  web-application for forms and ui-design
> in general.
> 1) does the latest jquery installed under MEDIA_ROOT conflict with the
> default jquery library(v1.4.2) ?
> 2) jquery-ui provides widgets otherthan those act on form elements.
> for example most jquery widgets manipulate <div> elements to make tabs
> or accordion appear. In that case does the ui-design have to be
> manually designed  and restricted to the templates ?
> pls let me know.
> thank you
> regards,
> KM

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