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#1 Dec. 29, 2010 22:34:20

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Using session list in a template.


I've got following problem that i would ask you to solve:
I want to do collapse/expand part of the web page (show details of the
lectures_list elements/don't show them). I wanted to do this by
creating a session object 'expand_items' that would keep information
which details should be visible. In my view I'm creating a table of

def teaching(request):
lectures_list = Lecture.objects.all().order_by('short_name')

if lectures_list.count()>0 and (not ('items_collapse_initialized' in
request.session = True
request.session =
for i in range(lectures_list.count()):
request.session += '0'

return render_to_response('main_app/teaching.html',
{'lectures_list' : lectures_list},

Element '0' means, that this part won't be visible. In general it
would look something like . The items will be
changed by the simple post method.

My question is how to generate html template in order to show only
expanded areas. It would be something like:

{% for lecture in lectures_list %}
{% if(request.session.expand_items) %}
show the details

but naturally i can't write expand_items.

Can you help me how to avoid it? Or maybe there's a better way to do

Best Regards,

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