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data sharing with differents projects

Allo Gang,

I have a couple Django applications which are responsible for managing
MySQL data, but some are only-readable tables. (You could open this
These ones come from synchro system : datamaster push selected data on
differents projects (on differents servers) but only in this way.

I would change the paradigm, and a Project X and/or Project Y would be
responsible for updating some shared data. These data would
be accessible from another Project Z.

There are several options :

* the first one, ROA to keep data in only one place, like that, but we
lost the constraints from Db, and we lost ability to realize JOIN on
(Nb : a project can be on server in africa with very low bandwith, and
datamaster in canada)

* app itself responsible to synchronize a local db write and
datamaster remote write. In this case, remote write can be delayed,
but it introduces write access in same time, from different app.
(using multi-db from django 1.2)

* Keep synchro system, and add new synchro routes to populate
datamaster from Project X/Y, and manage (?models will need to be
change probably) the merging of data... archh.

I really appreciate your feedback, and I am full open with all your
Thanks, Olivier.

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