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Django send_mail issue

I have never used sendmail in Ubuntu and I am not too good at
networks. I was trying to implement a mail application in Django where
I send a mail to the newly registered user for confirmation. I used
the following settings in my settings.py file :

DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = "nore...@edciitr.com"
SERVER_EMAIL = "ad...@domain.com"

I am sending the mail like this -

Using these settings I am able to see the output on the console when I
run the Python debugserver on port 1025 but when I change the port to
25, I am not able to send the mail using the same settings. My port 25
is open (which I confirmed by running sendmail and using netstat -an |
grep "LISTEN"). I am a beginner, don't know if it is even possible to
send a mail like this. Help will be appreciated.

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