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#1 Dec. 7, 2010 00:14:55

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Is their much benefit In using a second hidden salt

So I was having a bit of confusion over the method that django uses to
protect passwords. The issues I had was that It seen unsecured to have
the salt publicly available in the database since anyone who gets hold
of the database would know the salt. After rereading the django book
and doing some additional research I discovered that this method was
particularly targeted at rainbow tables attacks and is indeed view by
many as a better option than a system wide hidden salt.

However I'm a bit curious about the significance of adding a second
salt to the password before it is hashed and then using the regular
per-user salt. Currently my opinion is that their is added benefit
since it make dictionary attacks more challenging and possibly almost
impossibly if the attacker does not know the hidden salt. Django has a
secretKey in the setting file I wondering why this could not have been
used as second salt in the authentication system.

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