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#1 June 21, 2010 10:12:54

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How much would you charge for this? £5k? £15k? £5 0k?

I'm just starting out with Django so using an hourly rate isn't really
applicable because I'm going to be much slower that a 'real'
developer. So far I've spent about 6 months part time.

What kind of ballpark amounts would people suggest this is worth?

I'm not going to tell you how much they think it was ... well maybe
I'll tell you later. I'm trying to help them out so it's considerably
cheaper than I think it should be.

What is it?
The application is helps the sales staff organize product
demonstrations around the country. They can book demonstrators to do
an event. The demonstrators do the events and then enter the details
of how it went. The system provides invoice generation, event tracking
and custom reporting.

- Dynamic questionnaire and report form generation into pdf.
- Dynamic invoice generation into pdf.
- Work-flow with page locking, rollback and automatic email generation
on status change.
- Daily (and horribly complex) automatic summary excel reports
- Sales and questionnaire summary reports

- Designing and building the site
-- Models (about 32)
-- Setting up the admin interface
-- 12 key views plus goodness knows how many auxiliary views.
-- Look and feel

Other activities
- Weekly automatic importing of data from another accounting database
- Importing of existing event data.
- Importing of product prices and rates, existing staff details,
demonstrator details,
- Finding and setting up a VPS host
- Installing and configuring the site
- Support for a year (occasional changes, bug fixes and helping them
settle in)
- Training materials

... and this doesn't even take into account the changes they made
halfway though. I should have been more formal with the spec but I
know them and didn't think it would be necessary. Once bitten ....

Appreciate this is a bit finger in the air, but like I said ...


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  • » How much would you charge for this? £5k? £15k? £5 0k? [RSS Feed]

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