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#1 June 21, 2010 06:39:01

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Django with passenger and Staticgenerator ( in dreamhost)


I am trying to use the staticgenerator for my django site.http://nemesisdesign.net/blog/coding/setup-django-staticgenerator-apache-mod_wsgi/But that config is not working in my Dreamhost PS, since the link
contains only for apache-wsgi-django.
In Dreamhost, passenger is there.
I am not sure what difference the passenger does but anyway i added
the entries in my virtualhost.
and set the WEB_ROOT in settings.py

But, i got a strange situation
The issue in all is that the static cache is getting generated but the
files are recached every time i refresh my site.
Seems i need something to do in the Passenger level.

Or i think i put the rewrite rules in the wrong place.
Heres my apache config---->http://pastebin.com/zyqPiwX0Can anyone help me in this pls?
If the staticgenerator works my site will handle 6000-7000 requests
per sec.

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