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#1 June 15, 2010 11:51:42

Dirk E.
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Announcing django-modeltranslation-0.2


i'm pleased to announce the second release of django-modeltranslation, a
Django app used to translate dynamic content of existing models to an
arbitrary number of languages without having to change the original model

It uses a registration approach (comparable to Django’s admin app) to be able
to add translations to existing or new projects and is fully integrated into
the Django admin backend.

This release resolves many problems of the initial version, adds full support
for admin inlines and incorporates lots of fixes and enhancements supplied by
the community.

Source download:http://django-modeltranslation.googlecode.com/files/django-modeltranslation-0.2.tar.gz

For a full changelog, downloads and docs, please visit the project page:http://code.google.com/p/django-modeltranslation/Best Regards,
Dirk Eschler

Dirk Eschler <esch...@gmail.com>

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