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#1 June 14, 2010 14:02:18

Sakis A.
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Managing users

Hi Django users,

developing my application for storing the employee's expenses, my
database has a model class named employee that has the below columns
(name, password, isAdmin, branch, isActive) The name and the password
should be used for the login and the isAdmin should be used for the
permissions. e.g. A non-admin employ will only have the permissions to
save expenses, whereas an admin employ would have permissions to
create new expenses' categories, new branches, new projects etc. Also
the employee_id should be the foreign key onto the expenses table,
thus the expense save should get the logged in employee's id and store
it to the expense record.

I have no previous experience in django apps and I want to know if my
app's requirements are such that I 'd better use the integrated login
which stores to the table auth_user or develop my own login
functionality that ommits the auth_user and logins using my Employee

Thanks a lot.

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