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#1 June 12, 2010 22:53:54

Harold E.
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Missing objects in administration


I try to create a wiki application and the pages can be classified
into categories. The model for category has a field called "url" to
contain the url to access the category. One can have categories and
sub-categories, like wiki/category/Test/ and wiki/category/Test/Sub-
test, knowing that the second is a sub-category of the first since it
begins in the same form.

When I try to create a normal category, all works fine, but when I
want to create a subcategory, then problems appear : the subcategory
does not appear in the Django administration (in the list page
dedicated to the category objects), but the are in the database (by
looking in PhpMyAdmin). Also, in the user frontend subcategories
appear and work fine (by getting them with the model API). Finally,
when I use the tool "datadump" from the manage.py file, the
subcategories are not dumped.

I tried to seek where was the bugs, but did not find, so if someone
has an idea...

Here are the codes on pastebin :
- admin.py :http://pastebin.com/aCCdV35y- managers.py :http://pastebin.com/wehNab3V- models.py :http://pastebin.com/JZdX0zTRThanks for your help,


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