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#1 June 11, 2010 17:58:46

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Import error with current_datetime

I have configured my url to call ^time/$, current_datetime

ive also imported datetime into my views.py file which the django
tutorial ahs told me.

I keep getting an import error unable to import current datetime

I also have tried simply reateign the module now which calls the
current dateime with python alone not using dkango.

I can never get the time to show up. The module datetime IS in python
and I can import it, can someone help me touch up the code. I dont
know how to insert code in this particular forum or I would show it.

Also, I want to change the timezone in settings.py but Im not sure
what to chang Chicago to. In settings.py it show America, Chicago so I
have just used America, Eastern because I am in the eastern timezone.
Should I use my state instead?

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