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#1 Dec. 6, 2010 00:40:50

Lin R.
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[Sdcc-user] Z80 --std-c99 and _Bool

I have noticed that Philipp used _Bool in his own project, so I tried it
with my own. To my surprise, after I added --std-c99 option, change BOOLEAN
from "unsigned char" to "_Bool", I found code size generally get larger as

code0 data code1 code2 code3 code4 code5 code6 code7 code
1D5B 19C4 456D 4F9C 4742 50AD 53F1 4354 5571 1B64 // gp2266 sip
0.49.022, without --std-c99, or BOOLEAN as "unsigned char" with --std-c99,
they generated the same result
1D76 19C4 4610 4FD4 47A7 50B9 542D 4354 55A6 1B67 // gp2266 sip
0.49.023, with --std-c99 and BOOLEAN as "_Bool"

I am willing to get faster speed with more code size, should I
keep --std-c99 option and use BOOLEAN as _Bool?

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