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#1 March 24, 2008 22:48:08

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Limiting database hits to retrieve related models


I am starting a simple web app that can be introduced as a collection
of Agendas (represented as Django models).
Each Agenda is composed of Appointments (at least one), and each
Appointment records 0 or more Invitees.
Basically, I would like to display the content of this Agenda on a
page, i.e list all its Appointments, and display the list of Invitees
for each Appointment.

The simplest solution I found is to retrieve my Agenda in my view, and
then rely on the template to display the subsequent elements, e.g:
{{ agenda.details }}
{% for appointment in agenda.appointment_set.all %}
{{ appointment.details }}
{% for invitee in appointment.invitee_set.all %}
{{ invitee.details}}
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

However, doing so, the number of queries executed increases due to the
inner loop of retrieving all invitees for each appointment of this

Is there a better solution in terms of performance (i.e less queries
on the database), to retrieve this cascaded information? I thought
about the 'select_related' statement on my queryset, but it covers non-
null foreign keys only.

Thanks in advance for any hint.
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