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#1 March 10, 2008 14:34:09

Michael N.
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Looking for Django Programmer in Chicago this week

Hey All;

I am getting really excited about PyCon this week and especially the
Django talks and tutorial. It should be a real learning experience for

That being said my company is looking for someone who will take up the
programming side of Django as we expand our online presence, start
building databases and improving user interaction with our Web sites.
Working here is really a unique experience to not only push the
envelope, but also set things up looking toward future success. I have
been here for the last half of year, and it is about time to get a
dedicated programmer.

Anyway long and short is that I will be in Chicago this week for the
conference and would love to meet programmers looking for a great job
in the news media industry who love Django as much as I do.

Anyone who is interested you can find me around, I will be at all the
Django talks and tutorial, or feel free to give my cell a call I will
love to meet with you,

Michael Newman
cell - (717) 332-7758

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