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#1 March 9, 2008 20:45:03

Tim A.
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Managing hierarchial data, with Django

Hey everybody,

Django is a wonderful tool. It gives you so much freedom of thought.
Still I got a problem that I can't figure out up to now.

What is the best way for Django to manage hierarchial data? It is
totally possible to add a self-referential foreign-key to every model.
I also was pointed to django-mptt (http://code.google.com/p/django-mptt/) by some users referring hierarchial data.

Problem is: How does the automated admin (after all djangos killer-
feature) handle these hierarchial models? I'm searching for a solution
for users to easily manage a tree of pages, like in Wordpress, but I
see now way that the automated admin would display such a tree.

I'd be glad for any advise that you guys could give me!

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