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#1 March 9, 2008 20:43:09

Rob H.
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newforms-admin questions

How's the stability and/or "readiness" of newforms-admin?

I have a project where I'm going to be needing to do some admin
tweaking and it sounds like newforms-admin is much more flexible. For
example, here are a few things I'm going to be needing to do...

* Auto populate a field based on the value of another field. This
will likely just be a javascript hook so I imagine it's rather easy
but I haven't yet dug into it.

* Provide an advanced search that uses my own search routine for a
specific table.

* Add in completely new admin functionality like a 3 step process for
creating a newsletter that gets sent to all users who are newsletter

* Add a duplicate an existing record feature, preferably a link from
the detail page. The duplication process will grab just a few fields
that we've determined and pre-populate them on an add page.

I'll be needing to do this either in current admin or newforms-admin.
Since newforms-admin will one day replace the current admin my thought
was to go ahead and dive into it now to save the trouble of
duplicating the effort when it lands on trunk.

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