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#1 March 9, 2008 15:51:10

Marius U.
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I'm trying to add metaweblog support to a Django blog app.
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get too far.

I'm following the instructions fromhttp://www.allyourpixel.com/post/xmlrpc-djgo/. I've copied xmlrpc.py
from his site, placed it in the app, changed all the references to
ayp.xmlrpc with my local equivalent. When I'm trying to test the
arithmetic example I get "xmlrpclib.ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for
localhost:8000/blog/arithmetic/: 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR>". Full
traceback here:http://dpaste.com/38599/.

I'm using python2.5 and django 0.96. I've tried this with OSX's python
2.5 version and with macports python 2.5.

Do you know how could I increase the verbosity level so I can see more
then '500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR? Do you know if is a python2.5 issue
or a django 0.96 issue?

Thank you

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