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#1 Dec. 8, 2005 13:19:58

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TypeError in _checklogin

When I try to login to the admin site I get a TypeError : a2b_base64()
argument 1 must be string or read-only character buffer, not

in django.models.core.Session::get_decoded(), line 83, the value of
self.session_data which is being passed to a2b_base64 is array('c',

type(self.session_data) == <type 'array.array'>, but only "KGRw...Q2\n"
is in the database; I don't know where the 'c' is coming from.
Interestingly, session_data is not 'c', but 'K', and session_data
is not the session data, but 'G', so I'm a bit confused as to what is
going on, since what looks like an array is acting like the string it's
supposed to be.

I /did/ extend/replace auth.user, and so couldn't use django-admin to
create a superuser. Could something I didn't set up in the db be
causing this? or is this weirder than that?



#2 Dec. 8, 2005 23:15:40

Registered: 2009-11-02
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TypeError in _checklogin

Alright, lesson #1: To avoid looking like an idiot, don't try to belt
out a mailing list question in 10 minutes before work. array.. not
list... duh.

So if I change
in django.models.core.Session::get_decoded(), line 83\
everything seems to work fine... but why was/is this broken in the
first place?


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