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Django Initial Setup

Hi folks,

I'm working my way through the setup of Django. I got a bit stuck
earlier with the apache/mod_python setup but figured it out using the
pythonpath thing. Now I have the /mysite/admin page accesable(sp?),
but there is no stylesheet. Now after reading up on it all, I feel
like i'm supposed to setup a /media/ directory that has no handler in
Apache, and then put all my images and stylesheets there to speed their
loading. Then I should probably adjust the settings.py in my project
dir, to reflect these changes. So i guess my question is, is this the
right idea?, and where is the base.css file/media stuff for admin so I
can move it to this directory. If i'm not right, could someone walk me
through this part of the install? (or walk me through anyways..) I'm a
bit new at this stuff, so any help or pointers is appreciated.



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