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#1 March 22, 2008 21:27:22

Andrew H.
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[avr-gcc-list] Tests and patches

All,I found old PC and got Debian loaded to help with testing instead ofCygwin. Much to my amazement it worked - after I got the pre-requisitepackages loaded.On a slower PC, it is about 10x faster at testing and a bit fasterbuilding GCC. The shell stuff (including make) hurts Cygwin.With Putty as SSH terminal and SAMBA to mount my windows shares I builtfrom exactly the same sources (located on XP).The testsuite runs cleaner - Cygwin version has a few errors related toinclude files just before tests run. I've always ignored them - theeffects are benign. I got same numbers on both systems (which amazed me!).I have been plowing thru the bugs and attempting to create patches thatcan be applied - (mostly the AVR bit of gcc.). There are quite a fewnow waiting for approval. Mike Stein was kind enough to offerregression tests on i686 - which give patches that change GCC somecredibility. Still it's a long wait. (Maybe I need to use Beer orDonuts to get things moving?).Today I managed to figure out PR34210 - which relates to 16 bit functionmissing from libgcc for the AVR target. There's a whole bunch oftestsuite failures related to this. This took torture/execute failuresdown from 66 to 44. My working version also had a couple of otherpatches so don't expect to see 66 on your copy ! (Think its more like 82out of the box).(It would be even lower than 44 but some tests added recently areincorrect - nothing wrong with gcc.)I will post patch shortly for PR34210.I exclusively use AVRTEST as simulator - since its easier to understandand runs fast!To get down towards 66 failures you have to skip certain "no hope"tests. Taken from earlier work by Bjorn and Paulo we disabletrampolines and long long using the simulator test file:set_board_info no_long_long 1
set_board_info obj_format "elf"
set_board_info cflags " -DSIGNAL_SUPPRESS -mmcu=atmega128 "
set_board_info gcc,stack_size 2048
set_board_info gcc,no_trampolines 1
set_board_info gcc,no_pch_tests 1set_board_info ldflags "/home/Andy/dejagnuboards/exit.c -Wl,-u,vfprintf-lprintf_flt -Wl,-Tbss=0x802000,--defsym=__heap_end=0x80ffff"One day long long might be switched back on again - it should work butthere are few gaps in the implementation.Enough rambling!


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