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#1 April 15, 2001 00:10:57

Paulo J.
Registered: 2009-11-02
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Hi all,
This is the first time I'm using GTK and posting to this list.
My aim is to build a software that will be compatible with X Systems and Windows
Systems, I've heard that GTK can do the job so I downloaded some file athttp://user.sgic.fi/~tml/gimp/win32/downloads.htmlthat say Developer Packages. But
all of them have only one base dir and it is called 'src'. I've read README.Win32 but
I haven't found nothing useful... because I'm using gcc of mingw and I'm not able to
build a simple hello world from the tutorial.
I followed instructions from README but changed nothing because I can't find any
makefile.mingw. But I have 3 make.mingw after uncompressing all files I downloaded
from the URL above.
I can't figure out what to do next. Can anybody help?

Best regards,

Paulo J. Matos aka PDestroyhttp://www.pdestroy.netICQ UIN - 361853
You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.
- Prudden, Bonnie

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#2 May 5, 2008 10:44:34

Rajath S.
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Hi all,
I'm new to this whole area of web development. New to Django, Python, et al.
I've only done some C,C++ coding for mobile phones before, but have a need
to get into it now. Specifically planning on a creating a website that
caters to PC and different devices like mobile phones, PDAs, etc. I have
briefly evaluated a few CMSs and web frameworks, and overall, Django (
djangoproject.com) seems very promising. I have a few questions I'm
interested to find out before I get too deep into my studies of Python and

- Is it possible to create WML files (or for that matter any customised
output that is not out there) easily? Especially by way of XML/XSLT.
- If so, are there many standard templates that can be downloaded and
- Is there an IDEs that can be used for development?
- Given my basic needs, do you think Django is good, or some other tech is


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#3 June 16, 2010 14:20:43

Manu K.
Registered: 2009-11-02
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Hi All,
I am a newbie to this mailing list and I want to implement a n-ary tree and
came across "GNode" in glib and wanted to see if there was some good sample
code that I could look at to see how I can go about setting up this tree.
Also I needed the ability to be able to work upwards from a node all the way
to the root by just following the parent pointers. So I was unsure as to how
I can do this using GNode. I also wanted to know how I can add additional
pointers to the GNode node if I needed them?

gtk-list mailing list


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