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#1 March 27, 2008 12:05:17

Kapil H.
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Help required with Bug#471837


I'm resending this as it doesn't seem to have made it to the list.
Perhaps this was because of the attachement.

I have now put the .tar.gz file athttp://www.imsc.res.in/~kapil/problems/xtpipes_failed.tar.gzEarlier message follows:


A certain java program is run as part of "tex4ht" to convert from tex
to odt format. (I maintain "tex4ht" for Debian).

The program was compiled into a .jar file using ecj-gcj. A jar file
is also distributed by upstream. The remarks below apply to both
these .jar files.

This conversion runs to completion with the sun-java-jre
environment. Under the java-compat-gcj runtime environment
it exits with a run-time error. This has been reported as #471837.

To reproduce the error you can un-pack the enclosed .tar.gz in a
directory and run
java -jar ./tex4ht.jar xtpipes -i ./xtpipes/ -o junk.out xtpipes_failed.tmp
The sources for tex4ht.jar are in the java subdirectory.

It is not clear to me how completely java-compat-gcj is supposed to
replicate the sun-java-jre or what the correct dependencies of
this tex4ht.jar should be. The (java portion of the) build dependencies are
ecj-gcj and fastjar.

I would appreciate any help in fixing this bug.


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