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#1 Oct. 30, 2005 19:25:54

Arnaud V.
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Cocoon on Debian

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Nico Poppelier wrote:
> Arnaud,
> In June this year you posted a message to
> debian-devel-annou***@*ists.debian.org about the state of Java in
> Debian. Near the end you put "cocoon" in a list of removed packages.
> Since I'm running Debian testing and am interested in Cocoon, I tried to
> find information about running Cocoon on my computer, but found nothing
> (not with Google anyway). Could you give me some pointers?

Cocoon is no more in Debian. If you wanna run cocoon on Debian, you can
install tomcat5 and download cocoon from the Apache website... or try to
make it a Debian package ;-)

I Cc: debian-j***@*ists.debian.org, maybe someone else can help you.

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